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And time is passing by

O when you see that morning sun rising high up in the sky
Scratching with its beams the newly ploughed fields
And when the rivers start to shine along the peaceful mountains
When all is clear, mostly after such a heavy rain.

See how they run the rich, the poor
The blue-eyed one,the black-eyed one too
Listen to,them wen they calm down
They say they will get in the furture
The things they’ve dreamt of, it is sure
Du beau, du grand, du chaud, du dur
That will bring them real peace of mind
See how they run all at a time !

And when the birds high up in the trees
Try to find some new reason
To fly around, spreading their songs
And while the paths which lead to towns
Keep leading where they do
Bumpy and dusty, though charming too

Refrain: See how they run the rich, the poor...

Could you believe when you are here
That you are really here,
Or do you suspect that you may be dreaming
And when the book right in your hand is falling on the floor
What will you declare, but never more?

Refrain: See how they run the rich, the poor...


Words and Music: Florian Lacour

Chansons de Florian Lacour
dans differents styles