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Diana Hamilton

Diana Hamilton

"Diana Hamilton sings with kindness, humor, mischievousness; but moreover, this Bahamian from Paris interprets standards and, novelties in her own rhythms, jazzy, calypso, reggae; to make us vibrate..."

Florian Lacour

Diana Hamilton had a rather idyllic childhood in the Bahamas. At the age of 16, she was sent to continue her education in New York. She later moved to Paris, where she became an English teacher and coach for many years. During this time it never occurred to her that she was or could be a singer. It was not until the day she was with her little boy, Nairobi, playing soccer in a park that her inner voice was awakened. She watched helplessly as another child became very aggressive toward him. A feeling of distress overcame her due to her inability to shield him from the racism that he was experiencing at that moment. That moment was when her first song came to life within her.


"Dans les petits cafés"

"J'ai perdu tant d'années"