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Strolling along the rivers
Walking up the hills
Passing through the grass and flowers
Getting thrills and spills
That's the Druid in you
That's the Druid in me
On the path of Life, listening to sounds
Hearing subtle voices teaching all around
Telling how to be
Showing right ways too

The bell which "tolls the knell of parting day"
Tells one that Life is eternal for Him
And that a black cat or bee crossing one's way
Makes Him straightway aware of people's whims

While one is here "among the madding crowd" (1*)
The Druid inside is only linked with their souls
He keeps the thread that links these pearls so proud
And knows of the way to free them from their roles

Serenity of the Druid within you, within me
For nothing has ever to be shown, to be taught
Neither cloth, nor pace, but always free
Letting his acts and words only do what they ought

If you wish to let be the Druid deep within you
Just let Him be far from your brains and your thoughts
See all you know "as stuff dreams are made on" too
And "your life all rounded with a sleep" and caught.(2*)

So will the voices of the trees, of the rocks, of the moon
Tell through your lips the words of Unity
Make your body show the rites that please them all
And  fill Lovers of Life with the knowledge of Eternity

*1: from Gray's Elegy written in a Country Churchyard:"The curfew tolls the knell of parting day"
*2 : from Shakespeare:“We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life, is rounded with a sleep." (The Tempest)

Paroles: Florian Lacour