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Happy and strange Night of Samhain

Les Derniers Trouvères - Happy and strange Night of Samhain:

That's the night doors are thrown open
When both worlds get connected
Time to see what's related
To the gaps you then see happen
Between deep Darkness and the Light
Between warm days and Winter
Watch for the path that just goes straight
Where Humans, like spirits, may enter

Ohe Hi ho! That's the night when all souls do abound!
Thou Living-dead! Do jump and dance!
Thou Witches and Ghosts, out and prance
With the Little Fellows and people all around
All hand in hand, whirling, leaping, frolicking
On that happy strange night of Samhain (1)

Should you get into the Sidh
That timeless three nights place
You'll perceive you're in the mid
Of Paradise inside a perfect space
Yet you can get along with the mobs:
Neither good or bad are they
All of them are just going their way
With light inside beneath their shrouds
Back ground voices:
All Saint's day!
Jack o' lanternnnn...
Turnip and pumpkin...

Paroles: Florian Lacour
Musique: Isline Dhun


"Happy and strange Night of Samhain"