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O you, venerable Oak Tree!

I desire and wish well the life you are living!
I wish I were like you, in the forest standing
In the peaceful Temple of nature always free
O, you generous screen from heat, o, you venerable Oak-tree

So strongly
You stretch your long roots
O, so strongly, so deeply into the ground

So widely
You push your long branches
O, so widely, so broadly all around

So powerfully
You show your strength in your trunk
O, so powerfully, so revigorating when hugged
So giganticly
You stand up to your ennemies
O, so giganticly, so toweringly King of the Trees

Noble and glorious for ages and ages
Since Charlemagne, wise men and Saint Louis!
Time honored and solemn for Lovers as your bark
Keeps their initials forever in a heart

You guard the forests and the sanctified places
Where the Druid finds on you his sacred  Mistletoe
And Victory and Strength would collect your branches
Always twisting them to honor some Heroe

They know you are divine, you would even sometimes,
While worshiping the storm, while tossing up your branches
Attract the Fire up in the skies and spread your myriad leaves
And nutritious acorns as presents for Pilgrims
I wish I were like you, healthy, strong and for ever
A tree with thickly inter-twined limbs as shelter
An emblem to bring Joy, Endurance, Legacy and Strength
And help the celtic friends of mankind at eternal length

Paroles et musique: Florian Lacour