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Pierre Le venerable

thank you!

Pierre le Venerable I truly do thank you
You were so kind to protect Abélard
For such a deed you’ll get a reward
All mankind will remember you!

Instead of harping on the Holy Trinity
And instead of running on about Deeds and Sins to be
Much better to let Love be…

Instead of condemning those who don’t think the way you do
Better follow your own Path and see if it takes you to
The Husk or the Grain or you!

Thanks to your sound advice, you guided Abélard
Away from the snares of the hating Saint Bernard
Love overcame a jealous Heart!

And Peter was the name given to the two of you
And Wisdom was the Source you both were fighting through
Your Goals were perfect Truth!

(Héloïse’s Song)
Lyrics: Florian Lacour and Diana Hamilton
Music: Music : Isline Dhun and Roland Deniaud