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Elvis Blues

(Elvis has Left the Building)

Well! Well! I’m now in Elvis’s Memphis
And I’m singing
Like one who is crying
Well! I’m here singing for a friend
Whose birthday is due today
Oh! Yes, I’m now in Elvis’s Memphis
And singing for his anniversary
Yet I’m so sad and sorry
For he’s not here

«Elvis has left the building» (they said!)
But my friend han’t left his friends
For he left us so many things
His rythmes which still remain
«Elvis has left the building»
That’s what they used to say
Yet his memory is still living
And his songs are bound to stay

I’ve left my country for his land
With only one thing on my mind
The hope to share with all others
The life his songs always could offer
And I’m now with all of you people
Feeling so sure we’re not alone
Talking and singing ‘bout Elvis
Bring him right here home


Et me voici ici à Memphis
La tête pleine de tes chansons, Elvis!
De tant d’chansons que tu chantais
Que j’ai rechantées, que j’ai aimées
Mais aujourd’hui à Memphis
Dans ton pays je ressens trop, et c’est si triste
La peine terrible de t’avoir perdu
Sans même t’avoir connu

«Elvis has left the building»
Voilà ce qu’on disait
Mais chaque lendemain tu revenais
Partager ton feeling
Maintenant Elvis tu as quitté la scène
Mais t’es entré dans nos cœurs
Et ta voix y éteint nos peines
Et nous pulse chaque jour du bonheur!

Words and music: Florian Lacour